Stud Service agreement

Bella Corwin
 7806 County Road 11,
De Graff, OH 43318
(937) 844-3557

Stud Dog's name_____________________________________________________________________

Registration #_______________________________

Bitch's name________________________________________________________________________


Owner of bitch_______________________________________________________________________



Belmark Shelties guarantees that the above stated bitch was bred to the above stated dog.

Belmark Shelties requires a negative Brucellosis test prior to breeding.
All bitches will be bred by AI, ovulation tests will be performed while at Belmark if bitch owner wishes at bitch owner's expense to pin point optimal breeding time. Bitch will be bred on alternate days while in standing heat.

The bitch owner has the choice of: A, B or C

A) A non refundable breeding service of $350, due at time of breeding. This amount will be deducted from the balance due. Balance must be paid before litter application is signed. Two or more puppies constitute a litter. If no puppies result from this mating, no balance or repeat breeding will be due. If only one puppy results from this mating, $100 will constitute balance of stud fee. Balance is due by the time puppies are 1 month of age. There will be a $100 late charge for litters paid for after this date.

Or B) Pay the full stud fee amount upfront and have a guarantee of at least 2 live puppies to 2 weeks of age. If no puppies result from this breeding, a one time repeat breeding will be given at no cost to any dog owned, co-owned or leased by bitch owner. If only 1 puppy results from this mating and the bitch owner wishes to bring us another bitch for breeding at a later time; a balance stud fee of $450 will constitute full stud fee for the next incoming bitch.

Or C) In lieu of the stud fee, the owner of the stud will receive a 2nd pick puppy from the resulting litter. The selection of puppy will be made between 8-10 weeks by the stud owner, and no puppy may be sold without written permission before this time. No breeding fee will be due stud owner, unless only one puppy results from this mating. If only one puppy is the result, the litter owner has the option of paying a $450 breeding fee and keeping the puppy.  Stud owner has the right to name her chosen puppy and put Belmark on it's prefix.

All balances of stud fee due are to be paid by the time puppies are 1 month old. The stud dog owner guarantees that when provided by bitch owner, the litter application will be signed either by paper/mail in, or online version in a reasonable time frame.

Bitch owner guarantees that all puppies of the resultant litter deemed "pet" quality will be sold on a spay/neuter contract and their AKC papers marked "Limited Registration".

Bitch owner/leasee guarantees that no puppies from the resultant litter will be sold to pet shops or other wholesale outlets.

Stud fee amount ___________Amount paid $___________Balance due $___________
Option Chosen___________

All unpaid balances are due before signing of litter registration.

Breeding dates______________________________________________________________________

Due dates__________________________________________________________________________

Special provisions if any:

Signature of bitch owner____________________________

Signature of stud owner or agent_____________________


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