We offer many services to our puppy buyers and others......to those of you that would find it of interest here goes.... If you would like PRODUCTS like x-pens, crates, grooming supplies and so forth please check out that page as well by clicking on the products link above.


Photography For many years we have taken pictures for friends of their dogs, but have now decided to bring it up a notch. We have purchased a top of the line digital camera that can take pictures with a large resolution, ideal for web design, magazine advertisements, logo-business card printing, and even able to be blown up to large posters...what ever you desire. We will provide you with a USB of all your pictures for you to print, add to your websites or do as you wish......you own the rights to your pictures. All pictures can/will be resized and can be digitally enhanced, ie. taking leashes out or so forth, as well as adjusting the color to show your dogs at their best. Please visit our Photography page to learn more. And ask us if you would like your bitch pictured while with us for breeding! Also discounts for photo shoots while at a show...see more on site
Grooming I can show the novice/beginner how to groom their pets, clear up to private lessons for a show enthusiast on some of the tricks of the trade. These are in my home or your home, one on one hands on instruction from a 20 plus year veteran in the sport. I can answer your questions on anything you may have always wanted to know or may have needed extra pointers on but were too apprehensive to ask in a crowd.....Instruction will include a list of best grooming products, their use and up to 2 hours (more time for group lessons) of personal help. grooming can be done on your own dogs....with pointers of what would be best to bring out on your sheltie.....or on a demo dog of my own. Cost of private lessons are: $100 for show and $45 for pets, group lessons are available at $75 a person for 4 or more.....invite your friends and lets get dirty! 
Artistry This is something that we have had up for a while, but not really worked very much to advertise. We can do anything from cards...to personalized pencil, to beautiful color paintings of your dog. These make great gifts and are wonderful for advertising your kennel or hobby, as well as to remember a favorite dog by. we can pretty much make anything to your needs and wishes, so please visit our Artistry page and e-mail us your want list!
Boarding We can offer some simple services to our puppy buyers. Apart from the normal hips, eye, debarks and or other testing at my vets. We allow our puppy customers to bring their pets to us for boarding and bathing/grooming as well as to be caught up with their regular DHLP shots, worming, and flea/tick preventatives.  This is an easy cost efficient all in one service were we can see our babies again and they can often come and play with siblings and old friends while you get to go on vacation and/or go visit friends out of town. Your pet will have a safe and happy stay and you will have peace of mind that they will be ok. Boarding is billed at the rate of $15 a day, other shelties also accepted. We want to make sure that you and your pet will have a  happy long life together!
Micro-chipping Here at Belmark Shelties we are able to offer micro-chipping services.....be this to puppy buyers or local pet owners, fellow breeders, bitches in for breeding, or at clinics, etc. The cost is $35 per pet with a HomeAgain chip. These chips are one of the most universally used type. This is what all our own dogs have and can be done at any age or time. If you would like a lifetime prepaid registration for your chip it is an additional $15 for a total of $50.  If you have a large number of dogs to have done I can do 6 or more at a 25% off discount total on your bill. Micro-chipping can be done at any time, just call or e-mail for an appointment, if you are purchasing a puppy it can be performed before you take your new pet home at a large discount from what your vet will charge you!

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