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Sales Contract for Companion Pets

On (date)_____________________Bella Corwin of Belmark Shelties agrees to sell the following Shetland Sheepdog to___________________________________________________________________________________
Dog's Color_________________________ Sex_______________ Call name______________________
ID #________________________Registration#_________________________Age_________________
Testing performed_____________________________________________________________________
Registered name (if any)_______________________________________________________________
Sire's name and #_____________________________________________________________________
Dam's name and #____________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth ____________________Purchase Price________________________________________
Payment due/Date____________________________ Amount paid/Date_________________________
Balance due/Date_______________________________Date of acquisition_______________________

Any monies paid by buyer for expenses, ie airfare, vet exam, gas, etc are not included in purchase price and once spent are non refundable.

If a deposit is placed to hold the above dog until pick up or final payment, it will be handled thus: All deposits will be deducted from final cost of dog. Deposits are not refundable, and may be kept only if buyer chooses not to follow thru with purchase or does not pay balance within one week/ or by 8 weeks of age if too young to leave when deposit is placed; or other agreed upon time set above. Seller only has the responsibility to hold dog till agreed upon time if buyer does not contact seller to make other arrangements or to pay balance, dog may be placed for sale again and buyer forfeits deposit. If for any reason seller cannot fulfill obligation for puppy or dog, ie puppy becomes ill, is lost, stolen etc, seller will provide buyer choice of: a return of deposit or offer a replacement dog of equal quality and value.

The dog is expected to take up to two weeks, depending on age and temperament, before it becomes familiar with its new surroundings. It is perfectly natural if he/she chooses not to eat/drink or be sociable for a few days. Puppies will take less time to adjust, adults will take more.

It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is a good representative of its breed and is suited as a companion and/or obedience dog. Beginning training classes are recommended to insure a good relationship with the dog.

This puppy or dog will come to you with current shots, including but not limited to regular DA2ppV+CV, rabies and  kennel cough when applicable. They have received regular wormings with Pannacure or Pyrantel, and any additional treatments to ensure of good health. They are kept on year round heartworm preventative with applicable by age. Current health records will be provided to new buyer at time of acquisition.
It is also recommended that the dog be taken to the veterinarian within 5 days of the time of purchase to certify its good health. In the event that the dog is acquired on a weekend/holiday the guarantee begins at 8:00 am on Monday/next working day following the day of purchase. Full purchase price will be refunded if dog is found to be ill. This is not to include any prior disclosed medical conditions, provided that the dog was examined by a veterinarian during this time and the dog is returned to Seller immediately (within one week) with corresponding paperwork from veterinarian and paperwork given to buyer at time of purchase, i.e. AKC registration papers,  micro-chip tag and registration, health records etc.  Proof of any claim is to be provided to seller immediately and before refund. Any vet, travel to and from buyer or other expenses incurred by buyer are not refundable.

The dog is guaranteed to be free of any hereditary defects which develop to the extent of rendering the dog unsuitable as a pet, up to the age of five years. Medical proof of any claim must be provided to Seller's veterinarian. If dog is returned; (with all corresponding paperwork i.e AKC registration signed over, microchip, health records, etc), the purchase price above will be applied towards another pet quality puppy/dog when one becomes available. Or seller may choose to refund a partial amount of purchase price to compensate age of dog returned. Seller is not responsible for shipping, travel expenses or any other costs incurred by buyer to include but not be limited to the return of above dog and/or delivery of replacement dog.

The buyer agrees to spay or neuter this animal within three months of purchase if an adult or by a year of age if a puppy. The buyer understands that this dog is not intended for breeding and will be sold on limited AKC registration. AKC papers may be held till proof of spay or neuter is provided if dog is already individually registered.

It is also understood that the above dog will be registered by new owners through AKC with the Belmark prefix on its registered name if purchased, if purchased as a puppy.

If buyer cannot keep above dog at any point, seller reserves the right to be notified ahead of time and given first purchase option or provide temporary home until seller can find another suitable home. At which time all but $500 (five hundred dollars) will be refunded as soon as dog is sold at a fair market value, which depending on ie: age, temperament, training, etc. may be more or less than amount paid. If Buyer chooses to sell or give away dog ie: relatives, friends, etc Seller reserves the right to be notified ahead of time and given new owners contact information. If it is found that above dog has been placed without notification, surrendered or sold to a pet store, wholesale outlet, dog pound/shelter or rescue organization Seller reserves the right to take immediate repossession of dog and fine Buyer $3,000 (three thousand dollars). Any fine incurred will be donated to ASSA Sheltie rescue by seller.

This dog is to be kept in the house and let out at appropriate times for exercise and to eliminate. It is not to be chained to a dog house, or confined to a kennel at all times. The welfare of our dogs is of utmost importance, if you ever feel that you need help with your pet or advice for care or training please contact us immediately.

Our main goal here at Belmark Shelties is to produce happy, healthy dogs that make wonderful lifelong pets and are loved and cherished by their people. We would love to hear how well the dogs are doing in their new homes. Please keep in touch, letters and photos are always welcome. We hope you will enjoy many years with your new companion.

Both the Buyer and Seller have read the above contract and understand and agree to all the conditions stated herein. No amendments or attachments have been made/added to this contract. This contract is legal and binding. Both parties agree that any legal action pertaining to this dog will be brought forth in Logan County, Ohio where breeder resides.

Special Remarks______________________________________________________________________


Buyer’s signature _______________________________________________Date__________________ 

Seller’s signature _______________________________________________Date__________________

                                                                  END OF CONTRACT


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