On this page we showcase puppies, from the past. Non of the puppies here are available for homes. If you are searching for our For Sale puppies please check out our PETS page or our SHOW page, both of these will have our dogs for sale. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time our home number is 937-844-3557 or e-mail us anytime. belmark@embarqmail.com . If you would like to see the puppies we have kept, they will be pictured on our Rising Stars page or our Boys or Girls pages.  So please check them out there. Then the adolescent hopefuls, the young adults will be pictured on our Up N' Comers page. We have divided the puppies in this way so as to make the pages easier to view and download.


Apple and Avocado
"Quentin" puppies

Above: Blair by "Quentin"
Above Right: Charlie by "Shakem"
Right: Nash and Norris by "Keaton"



Above Right: Heather by "Quentin"
Above: Kiara by "Chill"
Left: Emmy and Ethan by "Sony"



Right: Lisha by "Blizzard"
Below: Skye by "Quentin"
Below Right: Oceana by "Keaton"



Right: Ups by "Nolan"
Below: Penelope by "Sony"
Below Right: Zeikel by "Vermont"


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Puppy Room
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