Within this page we are hoping to add links to sites that are useful to the shelties fancy. They may be sites we have visited that have been helpful to us or that in some way offer information that we feel is important and worth passing on. We hope to add more with time.

Kennel Clubs
American Kennel Club - AKC
Canadian Kennel Club - CKC
United Kennel Club - UKC
International Kennel Club - Chicago branch
American Shetland Sheepdog Association - ASSA
Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association - CSSA
White Shetland Sheepdog Association - WSSA

UK Kennel Club - Crufts

 Dog Show Entries
MB-F Dog Show Superintendent
Jack Onofrio Dog Show Superintendent
Jack Bradshaw Show Superintendent
Garvin Show Services
Kevin Rogers Dog Shows

Canadian Championship Dog Shows

Dog Supplies
Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Catalog
Pet Edge Supplies
KV Vet Supply
Healthy Pets

Sheltie Specialties
Everything Sheltie
Revival Animal Health

Dog Care
Pet Proofing Keeping Your Home and Yard Safe

27 Toxic Foods for Dogs
Perfecting Your Dogs Manners
7 Easy Ways To Get Your Dog To Get Along With Others
Should I Bring My Dog Camping?

Informative/ of interest
Everything Sheltie
The Sheltie Page
Shelties Online

Sheltie Color Inheritance
Coat Colors
Sheltie Size Charts And Info
The Debarking Issue
The Vaccination Issue
Pedigree Lines
Various Sheltie Information Vista Dei Site

Housebreaking the Puppy
Agility - AKC
Obedience Competition
Canine Good Citizen program - AKC
Herding With The Sheltie

The Tracking Page

The Dog Whisperer

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals - OFA
PennHip - Hip Research
Canine Eye Registration Foundation - CERF
Info on Thyroid Registry - OFA
VetGen - Genetic Services
VetGen VWD for the Sheltie
Independent DNA Lab
International Canine Semen Bank
Emergency Canine Health

Natural Rearing
Alternative Diets and Holistic Veterinary


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