The following page is dedicated to all of you who have purchased Belmark puppies. We will showcase pets, performance as well as show dogs. To all of you who have sent me your letters, Thank You! I love to hear how the puppies are doing. I hope to update theses pages regularly, so if you are not on here yet please don't feel bad; I'm trying to get to everyone. Please keep them coming, as they are the best part of my day!


Hi Bella,
 We recently lost another of our older dogs and are now down to Bear and Lexi.  We are thinking about adding another to the household and have been so pleased with these two that I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  We’ve had Shelties for 35 years now and these are by far the best tempered dogs we’ve ever had.  They are incredibly intelligent and friendly…..not the timid, high strung Shelties you typically see.

 Attached are some pictures of both Lexi and Bear.  Bear loves to fetch.  This summer while hacking around, I threw a Frisbee out on the front lawn.  It took just a days before he was snatching them out of the air….a few weeks later he was jumping. He absolutely loves doing this every day with Lexi shadowing him.
Very best regards,



 Hi Bella-
 I don't know if you will remember me-- I purchased a sable and white female puppy from you in March 2009. She is doing terrific. She is the apple of my eye and gets along great with my other 2 Sheltie girls. Of the 3, Darcy is the cuddler and I love that. I can't believe she will turn 2 this Christmas Eve!She is very special and I am so glad she is part of our family. I am including a few pictures so you can see how gorgeous she is. And one picture of her playing with one of my other girls.
Take Care   ~Julia



Hello again, Bella,

I have attached two pictures of Gunner for you to see how happy and beautiful he looks. 

He is absolutely gorgeous, excellent temperament, beautiful type, very smart, fluid mover, and a joy to live with. He is everything I wanted.... Thank you so much for him- we love him so dearly.


Hi Bella,

Just a quick note to let you know Dusty is going great. He is such a happy puppy and is beautiful. He got his last set of shots last week and was 16 pounds. He will be neutered near the end of June. I always look at your website and it looks like you are doing well and keeping very busy. I almost called you about Meg, the female adult tri but I used extreme discipline. Have a great summer!


Hi there, 

Just thought I would send you a picture of “Geffy” Andy. He is 8 lbs. and 11 inches tall now, at 4 ½ months.  He is such a joy.  He loves people and loves dogs and cats even more.  We are trying to make a wildcat fan out of him and take away that buckeye blood. J



Hi Bella -
How are you?  I wanted to send you some fun news. Tina has just received her Canine Good Citizen certificate, after working our way through a few training classes.
In addition, we’ve been doing agility and attached are some fun photos of her at agility class – this was only our 5th class!  
Happy 4th!

Casey and Tina in San Diego


Attached is a funny picture that Cheryl took recently of Wyatt (Corrin) on our back deck.  He is a little shy of getting his picture made when Cheryl holds the camera up to her face.  He is peering out at her from under the swing on our deck. Out of all the many shelties we have had over the years, he is the biggest character and most intelligent of them all.  We love him very much, and he loves us and our older sheltie.  He turned two in January, but it is hard to believe we have had him that long.
Thanks again,
Huntington, WV


Dear Bella,
Thought you might enjoy these recent photos of Goodies. He is beautiful and as sweet as ever. Thank you so much for the enormous joy and love that he has brought to our family.


Hi Bella,
I'm attaching some pictures of Oliver at 14 weeks. I honestly cannot thank you enough for this wonderful puppy. He's so gregarious, super biddable (definitely the superstar in his puppy obedience class), and just an all-around delightful dog. No one believes me, but I'm serious when I tell people that he's the perfect puppy. 
He's also getting more handsome by the day. Everywhere we go people comment about how beautiful he is.
Thanks again!!


Hi Bella,
Scotti is doing great and we are thrilled with him.  We love his personality and I enjoy watching him move out, he is a fancy little mover :)  He is doing real well with his crate training and house breaking too.
He is doing super on his leash training just walking around and staying by my side.  My husband and I are really enjoying him.
Thank you for such a wonderful little boy.
John and Wendy


Hi Bella,
attached is a recent photo of Fianna. She is now 6 1/2 months old, 13 1/2 inches tall and and a very happy puppy, as you can see. She listens quite well and is obviously a very intelligent little sheltie. We all love her very much!
... Gisela




Thanks for the email and photos. He looks wonderful. We are talking about him and will be giving you a call. We were boating today and thought you would like to see our little WallE. We love him very much and he is spoiled rotten…and we love it.
We will talk soon,


Hi Bella,
Here is a picture of Gabriel with Indy (aka Indian Jones) which is what we decided to call him.  He has been quite the explorer around here and he has that beautiful weathered leather kind of coat.  We think it will fit him just nicely as he gets bigger.  Again, we are enjoying him.
Thanks again.


Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and let you know how happy we have been with our beautiful little princess (Emmie - on the left).  She now has a partner in crime - Buddy, and the two of them have been fantastic together and with the kids.  Emmie's personality is so sweet and we love the way she "talks" to us. 
Thanks again,


Hi Bella,
Vana will be spayed today.  Just returned from my Vet’s office.  She’s very popular with the Vet staff, cute, sweet, and cooperative!!We continue to be amazed by her. Her personality is coming out.  She’s playful and loved our big snowfall this week.  She loves to “steal” the hanky from my husband’s pocket.  She’s great with other dogs and has a friend in our neighborhood, Barney, and loves when we walk with him and his owner.  This is such a great Dog Town because you can bring your dog anywhere (except food establishments), so it’s been easy to socialize her.  She goes everywhere with me now – Post Office, Drug Store (where they have treats), the farm, the bank!! 
We’re having a carpet runner installed so she can go down the stairs safely.  And Karen and Cameron and Me and Vana are planning to attend some dog obedience classes together in the spring.
And smart!!  She knows “let’s go for a walk (or pee),”  “where’s your bone,” “sit,” “wait” and is great on the leash.  I had to use my first “bad dog” when she tried to steal the cat’s food.  But I don’t have to tell you all this, you already know what a great breed they are!!  : )So – I guess you can tell we’re in love with her.  My friends tell me I’m absolutely giddy with delight!!
Our best to you and your family,


Bella and the Family: 
Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you a 
very happy New Year!  Hope your holidays have been full of joy and you're looking forward to the new year ahead. "Gus" (aka Josh dob 3/11/09) is almost 10 months old now, and a better, more well-adjusted pup you couldn't find anywhere.  He's been a absolute gift to this household and a truly wonderful addition. He's so well socialized, obedient (OK, well, most of the time hahahaha), and drop-dead gorgeous, he's a hit on Sheltie Forums. He's definitely a big boy as you predicted. Gus now weighs in at 40 
pounds and 18 1/2 inches tall. I can't say enough about your excellent breeding program and outstanding care and attention to your puppies. You may be hearing  from me next year as I look for another brother or sister for Gus.
Enjoy the photos!
All the best, Joe



Hello Bella,
Shelby is now a year old today and is doing wonderful.  She weighs 22 pounds and is about 14 inches high.  She is just all ball of energy always wanting to play and run around.  She just loves chasing the birds and the rabbits around the yard.  We have completed puppy kindergarten, elementary school, and we even completed a class on tricks and games.  She is a very quick learner.  She was the only dog in her class to learn how to roll over, she even learned it the first night!!  She is very much a social butterfly and just loves to be around people and other dogs. I am planning on working towards her canine good citizenship certification this spring and summer. I am hoping she can pass, I think our biggest hurdle will be trying to keep her focused, especially when there are children playing nearby. Regardless of whether or not she passes the CGC certification she is a wonderful dog, with the greatest personality.  Nothing at all ever seems to phase her or upset her in the least. I do not think she could be mean even if she had too. Thanks for providing us with such a compassionate companion, and I hope you enjoy the attached photos from her first birthday.
Wendy & Dan



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