Here at Belmark we pride ourselves in the solid, outgoing temperaments that our puppies possess. We raise our puppies in our home with our family and give them all the sturdy building blocks for a happy, secure and loving future. Our dogs always know that they are loved and cared for at all times. Our puppies and adults are up to date on all routine shots etc, are fed high quality food and given plenty of toys and activities to enrich their lives. I feel very strongly that the future of our breed is in our hands and we work hard to make it the best that it can be.
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Our puppies, both show and companion are fully guaranteed for health and genetic defects till 5 years of age. We do not want you to ever feel that we have compromised the health of your dog for any reason, we stand behind our dogs. We do not breed known problems we could not live with ourselves knowing that one of our dogs is in pain or discomfort because of an ill choice. We guarantee that we have you and the animals in our minds first and foremost at the planning of each and every puppy. If you would like to view our contracts and guarantees, please feel free to click on the links below. You may also download and print these out, if and when you decide to purchase one of our dogs.

All the puppies or dogs that we sell, are welcome back at any time for any reason. If you are ever unable to care for or keep your sheltie it has a home here for the rest of its life or we will place it, if possible,  in a loving home. We never want you to take your dog to the local animal shelter or rescue organization. Our dogs are always part of our extended family for life. A sheltie must never be in a pound.

We always encourage everyone to feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments about the dogs listed in the following pages, before and after the sale. The most rewarding part of being in dogs is to hear and see them later when they have become loving, productive, members of their family and community. Our puppies have gone on to excel in obedience, agility, herding, flyball, as seeing eye dogs, dogs for the disabled, juniors dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, show dogs, and as loving pets. We would love to help match you up with a dog that would suit your needs. Please click on the following links below and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you have further interest in one of our dogs please visit our Pets and Show Dogs for sale pages, linked below. There you will see the pictures of the puppies and dogs that we have available. If you see a puppy you are interested in that you would like to inquire about,  please be sure ahead of time to read carefully and understand all the info on the top of the page where the puppy is listed. This will give you all the important  details you will need on our dogs. With spelled out information on our expectations of potential buyers as well as our promise to you. We have added this information to help answer the most commonly asked questions pertaining to our dogs.

If you do not see what you are looking for please don't hesitate to e-mail us with a description of the dog or puppy that you wish to acquire. We may have something in mind that would fit the bill which has not been posted yet or know of someone that would, we can pass the word around. Unfortunately we do not keep waiting lists or want lists for those that inquire at a time when we do not have puppies available. We have found that in time people will find puppies elsewhere or we will loose people's contact info and then upset those that were "first in line" so to speak. We also don't want to "promise" an unborn puppy or a baby that is yet not old enough to be vet checked or that we are unable to determine quality for. So please understand that we work on a first come first serve basis on available puppies. This way everyone is happy and secure in their knowledge of what puppy they will be putting their money on. If you see the puppy/dog that you like please inquire quickly they usually go within yours.........also check out our site often as it is updated often.


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