Belmark Shelties is a show kennel located in North West Ohio near Bellefontaine, 45 minutes North of Dayton and about an hour from Columbus. I hope you have time to stay and visit and see pictures of our home and kennel. We were established in 1986, striving for AKC standard correct shelties for all rings. We exhibit in AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club). We have been very successful through the years and have the honor of having All breed, Best In Show Winners, Reserve Best in Shows, Specialty Best In Show winners and ASSA National winners with a couple RWB, a RWD, Best In Futurity, Runner up to Best in Futurity, and numerous Award of Merit winners. We strive to produce dogs that adhere to our breed Standard, and are a joy to live with and train. Our lines are based on Banchory through Tall Timber and Macdega with a splash of Heritage Spirit. This blend stamps our shelties with solid, well moving bodies and stable temperaments as well as a classy, elegant presence, loads of coat and a sweet, loving expression. To see some of our informal sheltie photos check out our Gallery pages, Fun Photos, and Fan Letters to name a few.


We would like to invite you to surf our pages, and look around. We have much excitement as always, and have been honored with our breed's parent club award ASSA's Breeder Of Most Champions for 2012, tied in 2014, won 2015 and 2016. We have bred and or owned 107 American Champions, 71 Canadian Champions and have many others pointed and nearing their Championships.
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


We attend shows just about every weekend, our dogs are well socialized, of the utmost quality, health tested and much loved. Please take the time to get to know us better; don't forget to check all the links at the bottom of each page. Thanks for visiting with us.

Bode and his descendants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation.
Above from left to right:
Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC,
GCH Am/Can Ch Belmak Give Me Chills,
Am/Can Ch Attridge Pearls Of Wisdom,
Ch Belmark Atari, Ch Belmark Drum Roll Please ASSA RWD,
Belmark Casana Am/Can pts



3/17/19 Our pretty girl Belmark Change Of Fate "Merida" picked up her 4th major reserve this weekend, two being specialty major reserves. We hope that our puppies are now ready for our upcoming trip to the National.

3/3/19 At the Chicagoland SSC this weekend under judge Ellen Worthington, our pretty girl Belmark Prized Possession went WB and BOW for a 5 point major! We are so happy for this pretty girl and how well she showed, along wth the other puppies we are training, nice start to the year. 

2/24/19 so proud of our puppies this weekend as we get them ready for the National. Belmark Mic Drop was RWD for a major under breeder/judge Nioma Coen. What a nice start for his show career. He is now headed out for a short stint with Zana Friend before we head out to the National.

2/10/19 We were at the Indianapolis IN shows this weekend and Belmark Lady Antebellum was Reserve WB for a major one day Belmark Million Reasons was Reserve WD for a major another day and Ch Belmark Cravin Some Sass was select for a large major. Also our good friend with her Ch Chill daughter Belmark I'll Be There For You Withahn for her WB and BW and 5 point major, and the Shannons' for their finishing their Ch Quentin son.

2/3/19 We went to the Three Rivers SSC and it was a good weekend. Under Mark Lucas it is now Ch Belmark Cravin Some Sass, "Pansy", she was WB and BW for her third major to finish. As if that was not enough It is also Ch Carmylie Belmark Admiralty "Amir". 2 Champions in one day!! Not to be out done, our baby puppy Belmark Change Of Fate was Runner Up to Best in Sweeps, and Reserve Winners Bitch for a 5 point major. 

1/27/19 At our second show of the year we did well in Erie PA. Belmark Cravin Some Sass "Pansy" was WB BW and BOS on Saturday under judge Deborah Anthony. For her first major 4 points! the following day under Mr Anthony Belmark Million Reasons "Finnigan" was WD for a 4 point major and "Pansy" was WB BW and Best of Breed for her second 4 point major.  x

1/6/19 first show of the year went fabulous! On Friday "Sonic" the Sony son I am showing for Cheryl Krajcar was reserve at the Tallmadge OH shows under Elizabeth Muthard, and our Belmark Cravin Some Sass, "Bode" daughter was WB and BW. On Saturday Belmark Million Reasons "Finni" the Notch son was WD and BOS under Steve Keating and Belmark Cravin Some Sass was WB BW and BOB and made the cut in the Group ring. On Sunday "Sonic" again was reserve.

11/24/18 Got a great call from our handler Zana Friend that our beautiful "Quentin" son is now Ch Belmark Tri'N Stop Me "Honors" winning his 3rd major and finishing in short order under her guidance. This makes Quentin's 3rd Champion to finish this year, we are so proud of his accomplishments. This beautiful boy is now available to a wonderful show home.

11/16/18 We only went for Thursday and Friday to the Columbus OH shows this year, under James Taylor, Ch Belmark Stone Cold Sober "Nolan" was Select for his first 2 Grand Championship points, his first time out as a special. The following day under Sharon Newcomb, our baby puppy Belmark Million Reasons was Winners, and Best of Winners for his first points at his first weekend out, 1 dog shy of a major. Then Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start was Winners for 1 point and Ch Belmark Stone Cold Sober was select again for another 2 points.

10/28/18 in Delaware OH under Walter Summerfelt; Ch Belmark Suntime Kissing Strangers "Kate" was Winners, best of Winners and Best of Breed for 2 points to finish her Championship. The following day under Ann Yuhasz, Carmylie Belmark Admiralty "Amir" was RWD and Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start "Sprout" was also RWB, good weekend.

10/21/18 This weekend we went to Charlotte NC to the large specialties/ Traingle SSC under judge Jackie Parisek; Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start "Sprout" was RWB for a 5 point major and followed that up by a Best of Sweeps under Janeen Simpson in a large entry! she followed that up with a Runner-Up Best in Sweeps the following day under Jodi Neal.

10/14/18 in Urbana OH we started a new puppy Belmark Applause Applause "Frankie" his first time in the ring under Anne Marie Taylor he was RWD and Best Puppy, then Shannon N Belmark Sountrack "DJ" RWB, and Ch Belmark Soiree "Gala", was Best of Breed for 2 more points. The following day under James Taylor "DJ" was RWB again, and Gala was select for another point.

9/29/18 This weekend we went to Monroe MI, under Arley Hussin on Saturday Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start "Sprout" was RWB followed by another RWB the following day under Minna-Lisa Koltes

9/23/18 We took a trip to Gray Summit MO to visit our good friends Karen and Paul Hannah and they lovely girl BISS GCh Ch Belmark Scandalous "Twitter" was Best of Breed each day and Group 1st on Sunday! Then Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start "Sprout" was WB on Sunday for another point, she is now on 7 points both majors. Big thanks to Jamie Goodwin for sharing her with me.

9/16/18 We visited Lancaster OH for the shows, and our little red sable girl Shannon's N Belmark Sountrack "DJ" was a big star on Saturday going WB, BW and Best of Breed over specials for 2 more points. She now has 7 points, so happy!

9/9/18  On our weekend off, Zana Friend calls with yet another win for Belmark Tri'N Stop Me "Honors" who is now on 6 points, nearing the halfway point. So proud of this boy.

9/3/18 We went to Amana IA to spend time with friends and attend a 4 day cluster for Labor Day. It was rather successful; It is now Ch Belmark C U On The Flip "Copper" is our first homebred Miniature dachshund Champion. He won 3 out of the 4 days and was WD BW and BOS over specials for his 3rdv major to finish. In Shelties, our baby puppy from Jamie Goodwin, Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start, was WB and BW both Saturday and Sunday for majors and was RWB on Monday. Our special GCH Ch Belmark Given Me Chills was select dog each day he did not win Breed, unfortunately we were not able to stay for the 3 Groups we qualified for on Monday. It was nice seeing friends and bringing home some winning puppies.

8/12/18 I was judging on Saturday for the Harrisburg SSC, so entered the Sunday while I was there at the All-Breed show. Belmark Tri'N Stop Me was RWD, Our puppy Goodwin Belmark Fresh Start was a cutie and won her class, and Ch Kimicko Attridge April N Paris finished her Championship with her last major. Congrats to owner Bev Klassen and to Zana and Friends for handling.

7/30/18 On Friday under Linda Robey in Marion OH; Belmark Tri'N Stop Me "Honors" was WD and BOS for his first points and it is a major then today he followed that feat! Watch for him as we continue to have him out on the east coast. And..... we are celebrating 2 new Champions. Yesterday in Marion OH it is now Ch Belmark Atari, going WD and BOS for his 3rd major to finish at just over a year of age, congratulations to new owner Cherry Mullen. Not to be outdone with Sherry Sims handling in AK it is now Ch Belmark Blue Bayou, finished with her second 5 point major and 3rd major in a couple months from beginning to end. This is our 13th Champion this year! We are truly blessed and get to live with some beautiful dogs that enrich our lives and we get to do what we love. What a joy.

7/22/18 At South Bend IN this weekend, Belmark Berry Me went WB on Friday under Charles Olvis and WB and BOS on Saturday under Joanne Paulk for the points needed to finish her Championship. So Ch Qudi! As one is done another one starts, got news from Paul Hannah that Belmark Empress our sweet Bode daughter picked up her first point today as well!

7/15/18 Great weekend in Madison OH, on Thursday Belmark Berry Me 'Qudi' was WB BW and Best of Breed for her last single needed, she now needs a major to finish.  Belmark Atari was WD and BOS. On Friday Belmark Atari again was WD and BOS, he now just needs a single to finish. And on Sunday Belmark Ramp It Up 'Rupie' was WB BW and Best if Breed for her first points her first weekend out,  And our new boy Belmark Tri'N Stop Me 'Honors', was RWD each day. Not to be outdone with Zana Friend it is now Ch Belmark Mercy Me, 'Kerby' who was Best of Breed on Saturday and Group 2nd and then WB on Monday for her last point. Big thanks to Zana for all of Kerby's points, so happy. Very proud of all the dogs and how they did.

7/8/18 It was a great weekend in Monroe MI, our sweet girl; Belmark Berry Me, "Qudi" was WB, BW and BOB over specials, both days this weekend under Tom and Nioma Coen. What an honor, she is now on 10 points with a major. Hoping to finish her soon as she is dropping coat fast! Also Belmark C U On The Flip was WD and BW for a major this weekend as well.

7/1/18 Our first weekend back after vacation, in Lima OH, on Friday Upton was WD for his final 2 points to become Ch Belmark Unapologetically, and GCh Ch Belmark Scandalous now owned by Paul and Karen Hannah was Best of Breed, On Saturday Belmark Atari was WD, Belmark Berry Me was WB and BW and GCh Ch Belmark Scandalous was Best Of Breed. Can't forget our little red dachshund, Belmark C U On The Flip, who was WD and BW as well.  On Sunday Belmark Berry Me was WB and GCh Ch Belmark Scandalous was Best of Breed. Not a bad weekend. Belmark Suntime Kissing Strangers was RWB each day, she only needs a single to finish.

6/10/18 We had a great weekend on Saturday at the SSC of WNY hosted a lovely specialty, and Belmark Unapologetically was Mark Lucas choice for WD for a 4 point major to bring him to 13 points. and then the following day in Canton OH He was WD again bringing him to just needing a single to finish. Belmark Memories On Tap was WB BW and BOS, and Ch Belmark Road Less Traveled was select for his last point needed for his Grand Championship. Not to be outdone Belmark Mercy Me "Kerby" with Zana Friend was WB for her 3rd major, she is now on 12 points. Oh and in Canada Belmark Tresta Aerosmith, placed again in the group for his Championship, that gives his sire his ROMC! Sony also had another son finish his American Championship this weekend. He never fails to amaze me.

6/3/18 Although we took this weekend off, we did have a puppy finish. Paul and Karen Hannah fell in love with "Twitter" after showing her for us for a short month. They finally talked me into letting her go home to live with them permanently, after a couple weeks back with the Hannah's she picked up back to back 4 point majors to finish her Championship. She is now Ch Belmark Scandalous, and will soon be campaigned. Big congrats to them. Her finishing has made her dam Ch Fever and ROM! And on the east coats Zana Friend called with good news about Belmark Mercy Me. She won another point, and is now on 9 points both majors. So looking forward to this Sony daughter finishing as well!

5/27/18 at the New Castle PA shows, Belmark Bring On The Rain "Bianca" was RWB on Thursday and WB and BOS on Friday for a 4 point major, as well as RWB on Saturday and WB BOS on Sunday for another 4 point major. It is now  BISS Ch Belmark Bring On The Rain "Bianca". Big thanks to all the judges that loved our little girl, to her many fans and to breeder Kathy Rutter.  Oh and up in Alaska, Belmark Blue Bayou "Moola's picked up a 3 point major and a 5 point major going BOB and Group 4! big thanks to Sherry Sims for handling. Oh and her brother Belmark Simco Attention; picked up his 3rd 5 point major to finish, Love this litter of Quentin kids.

5/20/18 We had a great day the Green Bay SSC at the morning show under Sue Healy; Belmark Unapologetically was WD,  and "Riley" was WB, BW and Best Of Breed over many specials for a 4 point major to finish! She is now BISS Ch Belmark Just Breath. At the afternoon show under Mark Lucas; Belmark Unapologetically was WD and BW for his second major and Belmark Berry Me "Qudi" was WB for her first major. We then drop to the All Breed shows for the rest of the weekend with a slightly different crew, and Carmylie Belmark Admiralty "Amir" was WD on Saturday and Ch Belmark Road Less Traveled was select, and today We got both reserves on "Amir" and "Qudi", and Best Of Breed for Ch Belmark Road Less Traveled, he is now needing a single to finish his Grand.

5/12/18 Back to back specialties today at the Central Indiana SSC.  Belmark Unapologetically "Upton" last RWD under Brian Reid and WD under Liz Bianchi, for a major. So proud of this puppy. Ch Belmark Road Less Traveled was BOS at both shows as well. Good day.

5/7/18 Nice weekend back from the National Carmylie Belmark Admiralty was WD on Saturday and Ch Belmark Road Less Traveled "Journey" was BOS both days he is now on 12 points with 2 majors.

ASSA National Specialty 2018 in Virginia Beach VA
Belmark Unapologetically, was 3rd in the 6-9 month Futurity class under judge Jennie Hynes, and 4th place in the regular class under judge Hector Hector.
Carmylie Belmark Admiralty, was 3rd in the 9-12 month class under Hector Hector
Belmark Morningstar Sound Link, was 3rd in the 12-18 month class under Hector Hector.
Belmark Scandalous, was 3rd in the 6-9 month class under Kathy Ryan
Belmark Berry Me, was 1st in the 9-12month class under Kathy Ryan
Belmark Memories on Tap, was 2nd in the 9-12 month class under Kathy Ryan
Belmark Just Breath, was 2nd to WB in the Open Black class under Kathy Ryan
Belmark Bring On The Rain, was 1st in the Am-Bred class under Kathy Ryan
Belmark Suntime Kissing Strangers, was 4th in the Open Black bitch class under Kathy Ryan

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