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This is our new page...... here we would like to showcase puppies that we have kept that are in-between the young baby stage and still we have not bred or incorporated in our breeding program. This are young adolescents, puppies we have grown out and have poured all our love, hope and dreams into. Here is to the future and to a new coming year!

Belmark Outta My Way
born: December 27th 2017
pictured at 14 weeks of age
VWD and MDR1 normal by parentage

Yes, yes we are smitten about these puppies. Just love everything about them. Big thanks to Bev Klassen for sharing them with us. She also has a lovely bi-blue sister with Bev. What a lovely litter. They have lovely clean heads with sweet eye and expression, balanced well put together bodies, bone, coat galore and fabulous personalities. Love these Chill babies.



Brecon Oak Crest Jet Black

BISS Am/Can Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC

Am/can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC

Skyward's Passionate Kisses

BISS Am/Can Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman ROM

Karmix Third Watch

Am/Can Ch Belmark Give Me Chills

Kyrie Drops Of Jupiter, Am mjr pts

BISS Grd Ch Rosmoor Protocol ROM

BISS Grd Ch Jesstar Nirvana ROM

Am/Can Ch Belmark Ya Given Me Fever, 4 Chs

Ch Jesstar Astoria

Am/Can Ch Attridge Windy City ROM ROMC

Am/Can Ch Felicity Jamaican Me Crazy

Belmark's In The Twilight

BISS Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC

Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC

GCH Am/Can Ch Linkridge Blackberry ROMC

Karmix Third Watch

Can Ch Attridge Windchill

Can Ch Linkridge Taipan

Can Ch Kimicko Attridge April N Paris, Am mjr pts

Can Ch Attridge Pandora

Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC

Am/Can Ch Belmark Second To None

Can Ch Kimicko Attridge Fair Trade

Am/Can Ch Belmark All Shook Up ROM ROMC

Liska Dancing In The Rain

Kimicko Blueberry Sunday

Can Ch Kimicko Westcountry Ornamotion


Honey Bee

Harmony N Belmark What's Buzzin
born: November 19th 2017
pictured at 8 months of age
MDR1 normal, eyes OFA normal

So pleased to add this little girl to our crew, thanks to Bee Davis. She is maturing nicely and growing into a beautiful young lady. We are hoping she has enough coat to show this summer/fall. Honey Bee has a lovely head with sweet gentle expression. She has a solid well placed body with good front and rear, sweet girl too. Love her to pieces!

      Can Ch laureate Landslide ROMC
    Ch Brandina Carmylie Double Digit
Am/Can Ch Laureate Double Exposure Ch Carmylie Castles In The Air
      Can Ch Laureate Landslide ROMC
    BPIS Can Ch Laureate Lattice
Ch Belmark KickStart CGC   Laureate Tiramisu ROMC
      Am/Can Ch Willow Cove's Wild Card ROM
    Am/Can Ch Jade Mist Belmark Bragging Rights
Ch Belmark InStyle Belmark Mystic Rose
      Am/Can Ch Reinmaur's Firecracker ROM ROMC
    Belmark Finesse
      Belmar Mystic Rose
      Am/Can Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM ROMC
    AM/Can Ch Attridge Windy City ROM ROMC
  Can Ch Attridge Capital City, Am mjr pts Can Ch Attridge Pandora
      Ch Trevanne's Pelletier
Can Ch Attridge Sugar N Spice
Buehneman Daystar Shine On Harmony   Can Ch Trevanne's Furtado
      Am/Can Ch Bamhollow Blaze Of Glory
Ch Belmar Jocker's Wild
  Buehneman Party Time Laurelwood Belmar Confetti
      Adair Buehneman Solitaire
    Buehneman's Dinah
      Buehneman's Josephine



Belmark Empress
born: October 31st 2017
pictured at 3 months of age
VWD and MDR1 normal by parentage

Victoria is the last of an era, our last Bode kid. So precious. He made his last gift to us his best. So excited about her future and that of her 3 littermate show sisters. I know they will make him proud. Victoria is moderate, typey, with a lean head and clean lines from all sides. She has a fantastic personality and is very striking in color a true cryptic. Loving her babyhood.


      Ch Macdega Deniro ROM
    Brecon Oak Crest Jet Black
Am/Can Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC Brecon In Basic Black
      Ch Skywards Dream Of Passion
    Skyward's Passionate Kisses
Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC   Our Highland Heather
      Ch Shadow Hill Air Force One, CC ROM
    Am/Can Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman ROM
Karmix Third Watch Willow Cove's Revelation
      Am/Can Ch Kyrie Chasing History
    Kyrie Drops Of Jupiter, am pts
      Odyssey Among The Clouds
      Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC
    Ch Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM
  Ch Aynsworth No Moon Tonight ROM BISS Ch Aynsworth Moonshadow
      Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM
Ch Odyssey's Fashion Statement ROM
Ch Belmark Take A Bow   Odyssey In My Memory ROM
      BISS Grd Am/Can Ch Belmark Shakedown ROM ROMC
Belmark Shinedown, Am pts
  Felicity Dare To Dream UKC Ch Belmark Accolade, 4 Am Chs
      Shadowbrooks Labbatt's Blue, Am pts
    Shadowbrook's Double Dare
      Shadowbrook's Winds Of Change




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