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We are very happy and proud to be able to show you the dogs below. We have always felt very lucky to be blessed with the quality that our dogs have been able to produce and know that we can't do them all justice by ourselves. Below please find more information on them including, pictures and pedigrees of the dogs and or puppies available. Please always know that our goal is to feel wholeheartedly that we have done right by our dogs and that means taking care of your needs and wants. We will be totally honest with what we feel the dogs virtues and faults are. We stand behind our dogs and their owners and hope that you will have the fun and success that we have had with them. Happy people make happy dogs!

All dogs for sale from our kennel are sold to approved homes only; we reserve the right to choose which home is best for the dog. The welfare of our puppies is of the highest importance. All dogs listed for sale will remain so until such time as a deposit is received. A deposit represents a sales contract with buyer and will insure that you get the dog you want, deposits are not refundable.  References will be asked for and checked. Phone call inquiries preferred.


All dogs are sold with a written sales contract, click here to see a copy. By purchasing a dog from this site you are attesting to have read this contract and agreeing to its content. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have after reading the contract or when and how you would like to have it provided to you, ie faxed back and forth, mailed, etc. 
(If a dog is sold with stud rights or co-ownership/puppies back; please know that we feel that the dog has a lot to offer our kennel still and hope that we may be able to incorporate him or her in our breeding program in the future. Our wish to retain something back from the dog is due to our appreciation of its quality.)

  We want you to be fully satisfied and happy with the Belmark puppy you get from us. We feel that these terms will take some of the risk and expense of raising a puppy. Unfortunately we cannot offer this to overseas sales. Overseas will be charged the full upfront price.  If this is not listed on the dog you are interested in please ask.
Now if the dog you choose is an adult or older puppy the price will vary depending on age, quality, training and the testing completed. These dogs will be priced accordingly, as there is no risk in an adult, already grown out dog. What you see is what you get. If you have any further questions about these terms please feel free to ask.

When you have chosen your puppy/dog and we have approved your home, a non refundable deposit of $200 will be due immediately to hold your dog and take him off the site, till further arrangements are made and balance is paid. These arrangements are to be completed within a week's time. This should be long enough to get the balance to us and figure out details for pick up or delivery. This initial amount will be deducted from the original price/total amount due and is meant to show your sincere commitment to follow through with the final purchase.

If you need us to keep your puppy or dog for an additional period of time before you can take him/her home, i.e. you are going on vacation or getting a fenced area ready, etc., we can keep the puppy/dog for up to 2 weeks at no charge provided that he/she is paid in full when arrangements are made, any additional time spent with us before pickup or shipping, for any reason will be charged at our normal boarding rate of $10 a day and must be paid for before taking delivery of dog. If the purchaser does not come back for the dog after 20 days of purchase date and no further arrangements have been made, the dog may be resold.

All puppies/dogs will come up-to-date on shots, and if old enough on Interseptor or Iverhart Plus for heartworm preventative and Frontline or Advantage for flea and tick prevention. All dogs have their dew claws removed shortly after birth and have been raised in our home with our five children, where they are held constantly and are accustomed to familiar noises. If the dog is old enough it has had leash training, bait training and table training, as well as housebreaking. Also it may be shown to ensure of it's quality and stable temperament. We take great pride in the health and happiness of our dogs and believe that you will see that when you meet them. When we place our dogs much thought has gone into finding and matching them up with the best possible home that will be able to appreciate the dog's virtues and show or breed them to the breed's best potential.

Additional Expenses

Pick up of the puppy at our home is preferred but if we need to ship.......

Shipping is available with all major airlines (although we prefer United or Delta) from Dayton or Columbus International Airports at a $35 charge for gas, shipping out of Cincinnati is available for a $75 charge as it is a considerable extra distance and expense for us. All flight costs will be paid for by purchaser, COD shipping is available with Delta airlines. Shipping internationally available at cost of flight plus $500 for the additional time involved. To Canada $50 charge may be incurred depending on the amount of paperwork needed. Cost of crate $65 (depending on size see our Products page) and veterinary health certificate $55 necessary for flight is additional. USDA charges $37 and for titter paperwork $167, titter is available for $250 plus vet costs. Ask us for any other charges that may pertain.

Micro-chipping is provided on all dogs leaving here. A lifetime recovery registry is available for an additional $20. Check out our Dogs For Sale page for additional health testing that we offer, as well as
our Services, and Products pages for additional needs. Always feel free to ask us to explain or clarify any of these if you are not fully clear on our terms.

Payment Options



Please click button above to place your deposit on available puppies or dogs. We accept credit card payments through Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account). We will cover charges for the $200 deposit but if you choose to pay the full price with a credit card there is a 4% charge for this service. Call us with a credit card number or we can send you an e-mail invoice. Just ask for further details.
For more information, please click here.
Checks can also be accepted but will need to clear our bank before we can release puppy or paperwork. Money orders/cash always preferred. You will need to contact us prior to sending any payment to ensure that the puppy/dog is available and that you will pass our pre screening process: references etc.

Reach Us Any Time

Call us: (937) 585-4818 or 937-844-3557
Or email us: belmark@embarqmail.com


This page last updated: June 18th 2018




born: March 9th 2018
VWD and MDR1 normal by parentage
appears non white factored
measures 10-5/8" tall at almost 3 months of age

We so love this boy, have been holding him back, but we really need to part with some show puppies from this litter and spread the wealth. Erik has a fabulous temperament, always up front, he has a very nice well put together body, which you can still see even in this gangly age. Good bite, tail set and lovely color and markings. He is right in the middle of the size chart, has a lovely eye, lean head and plenty of neck on a balanced package. His dam has majority of Champions in her litter, soon to be 4 Champion offspring, hoping to get her ROM, so a show home is a must for this boy. He is available for $3500 outright.

      Ch Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams ROM CC
    Ch Okie's Black Tie Affair ROM
Ch Okie's Kell Wild Wild West ROM Okie's Rise'n Star
      Ch Prinhill Jazzbo ROM
    Okie's Cowgirl Get Th' Blues
Ch Kell Rock, Paper Scissors   Ch Kell Okie's Busy Being Blue ROM
      Ch Okie's Smokin' Gun ROM
    Ch Okie's Struttin' Th Blues
Ch Kell Felicity Okie's 'Th Midnight Star
      BIS Ch Kismet's Maverick ROM
    Okie's Kell Serendipity
      Ch Okie's Miss Natalie
      Am/Can/Ukc Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC
    Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC
  BISS Am/Can Ch Belmark Shakedown ROM ROMC Karmix Third Watch
      Am/Can Ch Oak Crest A Kick In The Grass
Am/Can Ch Belmark All Shook Up ROM ROMC
Ch Belmark Soiree (3.5 Chs)   Belmark Tangled Up In Blue
      BISS Grd Ch Rosmoor Protocol ROM
BISS Grd Am/Can Ch Jesstar Nirvana ROM ROMC
  Am/Can Ch Belmark Ya Given Me Fever ROM BISS Grd Ch Jesstar Astoria
      Am/Can Ch Attridge Windy City ROMC
    Am/Can Ch Felicity Jamaican Me Crazy
      Belmark's In The Twilight




Belmark Counting Stars, Am pts, ukc pts
born: November 29th 2013
VWD and MDR1 clear by parentage, eyes OFA normal
micro-chipped, bark softened, none white factored bi-blue

Misha is a perfect combination of her sire and dam. After taking Misha to a fun UKC show day she is almost finished there, taking a Group 1st and 4th. She also has 6 AKC points in very limited showing. We have too many blue girls right now to finish and must sacrifice to get them all done. Misha is proven. She is the dam of Ch Belmark Drum Roll Please, ASSA RWD 2017. She also has 2 other pointed kids, and several others in the wings including a beautiful litter of 4 currently on the ground. She has a perfectly placed body, lovely clean head, she is a nice size and carries a huge coat, with dark eyes, good tail set and full dentition. She is a real sweetheart, all points owner handled. Available for $4500 outright


      Am/Can Ch Country Lane The Energizer ROM ROMC
    Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC
Ch Aynsworth Silver Mooonlight ROM Am/Can Ch Macdega Unforgettable
      Ch Mainstay Marrakech
    BISS Ch Aynsworth Moonshadow
Ch Aynsworth No Moon Tonight ROM   Ch Aynsworth O Promise Me Too
      Ch Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM
    Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM
Ch Odyssey's Fashion Statement ROM Ch Apple Acres Hi-Fashion Model ROM
      Ch Odyssey Basic Blues
    Odyssey In My Memory ROM
      Odyssey In My Image
      Am/Can/Jap Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM ROMC
    Am/Can Ch Trevanne’s Windswept ROM ROMC
  Am/Can Ch Attridge Windy City ROM ROMC Can Ch Trevanne’s Blue Heaven
      Can Ch Skywards Versace, Am mjr pts
Can Ch Attridge Pandora
Am/Can Ch Felicity Jamaican Me Crazy   Attridge Black Brocade
      BISS Am/Can/Ukc Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC
Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM, ROMC
  Belmark's In The Twilight Karmix Third Watch
      Ch Oak Crest Back GI Joe
    Belmark Glamour Girl
      U Ch Kyrie The Games We Play





Belmark Aberdeen, Am/Can pts
15-1/4" bi-factored, possibly white factored.
VWD Vetgen clear by parentage, MDR1 normal/normal, eyes OFA normal
born: November 12th 2016

Aberdeen has accomplished a lot in her first year of life, and is ready to fulfill the promise in the future. She is nicely marked, with nice coat, has full dentition, nice long tail with short strong hocks. She has a beautiful front and rear and is a pretty soft color with a sweet personality. She is from a litter of 10 with other puppies pointed and a few more pointed from dam's following litter. She should ROM. Pedigree is chock full of great producing dogs. Aberdeen would be an excellent brood bitch or possible show girl. She is available for $5000 outright.

      Am/Can/Jcc Grd Ch Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm Jpn CC ROM ROMC
    GChB Rosmoor Protocol ROM
BISS GCH Ch Jesstar Nirvana ROM BISS Ch Rosmoor Parture ROM
      Ch Mystix Enchanted
    GCh Jesstar Astoria ROM
Ch Sunaire Mainstay Integrity   Para's Prada ROM
      Lochlyn American Dream, Am pts
    Ch Lochlyn Dream Catcher ROM
BISS Ch Sunaire Opulence And Bling ROM Lochlyn Drean On
      Ch Mainstay Native New Yorker
    Sunaire Mardi Gras
      Sunaire Sophistication
      BISS Am/Can Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas
    Am/Can Ch Bemark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC
  Am/Can Ch Belmark Own The Podium ROMC Karmix Third Watch
      Can Ch Bemark Photo Finish
BIS Can Ch Belmark Recherche, Am mjr pts
Belmark Waiting To Exhale, ukc pts   Ukc Ch Belmark Accolade
      BISS Grd Am/Can Ch Belmark Shakedown ROM ROMC
Ch Belmark Time To Shine
  Belmark Lip Service Ukc Ch Belmark Accolade (4 Chs)
      Ch Kell Something Blue
    Kingsland Que Sera Sera
      Bach Aria Ice Triple Black





12-3/4" tall at 15 weeks of age
VWD and MDR1 normal by parentage
born: January 25th 2018

This beautiful girl is available as a show/breeding dog. She is at the top of the charts, just over in fact, but I think she will stay in size. Sony kids can run large, that is typical in fact. Minnie has a lovely honey color, she has a fantastic personality, loves everyone. Her muzzle is soft and plushy with plenty of bone and already coating up nicely. Good tailset and beautiful body, good front and rear. She is a prettier version of her dam, with a Sony head. Love her. She is available at pet price $2500 and a puppy back or $3500 outright.


Ch Belmar's Joker's Wild

Ch Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice II

BISS Grd Ch Solange Suround Sound

Whiteoak's Card Party

Ch Kyrmic Xterra

Ch Solange Body Language

BISS Grd Am/Can Ch Barwood Sound Sensation ROM

Mindalyn Spring Fever

Ch Hannalore Home Run ROM

Am/Can Ch Sea Haven Squeeze Play

Ch Barwood Imagination

Sea Haven Chantilly

Grd Am/Can Ch Talisker's Bengal ROMC

Barwoods Imagine That

Barwoods Just Imagine

Brecon Oak Crest et Black

BISS Am/Can Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC

Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC

Skywards Passionate Kisses

Am/Can Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman ROM

Karmix Third Watch

Belmark Winning Numbers, Am mjr pts

Kyrie Drops Of Jupiter, Am mjr pts

Ch Hannalore Home Run ROM

Am/Can Ch Sea Haven Squeeze Play ROM

Belmark Catch Phrase

Sea Haven Chantilly

BISS Am/Can Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC

Am/Can Ch Belmark Rumor Has It

Blackwatch Belmark Gold Touch






Ch Belmark Lollapalooza
14-3/4" tall possibly white factored
eyes CERF normal, VWD and MDR1 normal by parentage, OFA hips Good
born: December 21st 2014

This beautiful and elegant girl is as happy as they come. She has balance, a beautiful feminine head, and her legs come out where they should. She moves freely and easily from all sides and is a great producing girl with four puppies form her last litter in show homes. We love her attitude, nothing scares or bothers her, she loves people and gets along with other dogs. She is that lovely slate color that we need more of in the breed. She is from a multiple Champion litter. Good mother, easy whelper, due in season soon. She is available for $7000 outright or $4500 and a litter back.

      BISS Am/Ukc Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC
    Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC
BISS Grd Am/Can Ch Belmark Shakedown ROM Karmix Third Watch
      Am/Can Ch Oak Crest A Kick In The Grass
    Am/Can Ch Belmark All Shook Up ROM ROMC
Grd Am/Can Ch Belmark Thriller (6 Chs)   Belmark Tangled Up In Blue
      BISS Am/Can Ch Belmark Maverick
    Can Ch Belmark Above The Law
UKC Ch Belmark Accolade, 4 Am Chs Bach Belmark Elite
      BISS Am/Can Ch Belmark Maverick
    Ch Belmark Under The Lights
      Bach Gift Of Gab
      Am/Can/Jap Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM ROMC
    Am/Can Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM ROMC
  Am/Can Ch Attridge Windy City ROMC Can Ch Trevanne's Blue Heaven
      Can Ch Skywards Versace, Am pts
Can Ch Attridge Pandora (ASSA RWB)
Am/Can Ch Felicity Don't You Dare Attridge   Attridge Black Brocade
      Am/Can Ch Apple Acres Building Blocks
Shadowbrooks Labbatt's Blue, Am pts
  Shadowbrook's Double Dare HevonLeighs Silver Linning
      Ch Apple Acres Shocking Blue
    Shadowbrooks Winds Of Change
      SP Ch Shadowbrooks Believe In Me




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